Is St. Lawrence oil spill insured?

Oil spill in St. Lawrence Seaway

This oil spill in Canadian waters is nothing like the BP Petroleum spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It is smaller and a spill from a tanker, not from a drilling rig.

The clean up is progressing. The spill from the Canada Steamship Lines bulker, Richelieu was a result of a puncture to the fuel tank. This spill totals 50 to 200 tonnes of bunker fuel. The Welland Canal remains open to traffic.

The prompt response to the spill meant that no oil enter the lock or moved downstream. There has been no impact observed on municipal water intakes.

The insurance company is The Standard Club, a mutual insurance association that is owned by ship owner members. It is not known at this time if the spill will be covered for costs of the fuel and clean up.

This is certainly different then the BP Petroleum huge globs of frozen oil sitting on the bottom of the ocean waiting for warmer temperatures. If the hurricanes come and break up these giant balls of oil then it will lessen the impact on the bottom of the ocean and particularly the reef life. Once freed from the bottom these globs will break up and spread more oil down the coastline.

BP is going to need to find a way to deal with this disaster or we will see the results for generations to come. Canadian safety standards are so much higher. Perhaps the USA needs to look north to see how protecting the environment and containing an oil spill should be done.