How much for a small oil spill?

What is the price of a small oil spill? Penalties have been imposed for Harvest Operations Corp. for their pipeline carrying water, crude oil and sour gas from a well near Wainwright, Alberta.

$70,000 is the amount levied by the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act for the leak from the well that occurred in March 2007.

The total is 119,000 litres of salt water, 10 cubic metres of sour gas and 1,000 litres of oil were released in the spill. This leak exposed the environment to a high concentration of salt. This resulted in destroyed vegetation and required the removal of more then 3,500 tonnes of soil for the remediation of the area.

This part of why business people from the oilfield consultant to the large corporation need to carry pollution coverage. It is not unusual to see $10,000 deductible on land pollution and $25,000 deductible on water pollution.

It does make one wonder what the total bill will be for the penalties and fines facing BP and the cost of the remediation of the coast line.