If you are the occupier then you are a company, person, or other group that has possession of, owns, or has the control over premises and responsibility for that premises.

As an occupier you will have liability exposure for injury to persons while they are on your premises. You have a duty of care to keep people safe while they are on your property.

As an occupier you have a liability exposure for damage to the property if you are a tenant. If you own the premises then you have a need to protect your investment. You can protect this investment with fire damage control or night watchmen. You would implement a safety program to help reduce your exposure.

Most people will cover part of their financial exposure through insurance. You may chose to self-insure a portion of the building, your contents or your business operation. Be aware that in a claim your portion will proportionately reduce any payouts.

Talk to your agent or broker about your exposure to financial loss to determine what insurance can do to help minimize this risk.