No property coverage for Manitoba floods

Warnings were broadcast by the Insurance Bureau of Canada for spring of 2009. Manitoba residents needed to protect their belongings as overland flood is excluded - claims are not covered by insurance. If your business has purchased flood insurance then you will have coverage for your locations listed on the policy.

Spring is finally here and with it comes an expected above average spring run-off which could result in overland flooding.

As we see the water from spring thaw there could be flooding. Your home and the property inside it could be in danger.

Often the government has to step in and provide some payout to the residents who suffer flood damage. To help minimize the loss there have been updates done in January 2009 by the Manitoba Water Stewardship to update emergency action guidelines. Some of the steps that have been taken include evacuation plans, sand bags and anticipated road closings are being determined.

Even if the water is now fully up to your home the amount that has seeped into the ground can still cause water damages to your property. This seepage is not covered. If your sewer backs-up then you have some coverage for damage.

When there is flooding you can find a shortage of vacuum pumps, fans and other equipment used for restoration and repair. Carpet cleaning companies can be called in to help suck up excess water and a shop vacuum will help with small water problems.

Looking at the physical layout of your home and deciding what you can move to protect from flood damage is a good start. Your first concern is you need to consider the danger to your family. Do check into what resources are available, have an emergency kit ready and keep an eye on the weather and the news.

Check with your agent or broker if you do suffer a claim. Often for the government to provide any payouts there is a requirement that you have submitted an insurance claim and then been denied.