Newly Acquired Vehicle

Any vehicle obtained by the insured will be automatically covered for a specified number of days for coverage as outlined in the wording. If other vehicles are not covered for collision or upset, comprehensive or specified perils then neither will be this newly acquired vehicle.

What are the legal requirements?
In many provinces and territories there is a requirement that you have a valid liability card in your vehicle. If you are stopped by local authority you could still be fined for failing to produce documentation at the time requested. This is not to be confused with failure to have insurance, it is failure to provide the paperwork.

What should you do?
If you can then contact your agent or broker and have your liability card in hand when you purchase the vehicle. If you cannot do this then you need to have proof of your current insurance information and a copy of the bill of sale. You could still receive a ticket in some provinces but hopefully the local authority will not impound your vehicle. Some provinces include the registration with the liability card and some do not. Govern yourself accordingly with having valid registration.

Insurance Answer
According to the wordings of the Standard Automobile Form SAF1 your liability should be extended to cover a newly acquired vehicle. You may have difficulty with local authority if stopped and you fail to provide a liability card. It is best to have contact your agent or broker and have your liability and registration documents in order.