Newfoundland and Labrador tighten rules

Impaired and distracted drivers are going to be harder hit in Newfoundland and Labrador as of November 2010.

The legislative changes authorize the police to use traffic safety stops as a means of determining whether drivers are impaired, driving while suspended or driving without insurance, among other serious offences.

Other changes that have occurred include:

  • Increasing the previous 24-hour suspension to a minimum of seven days (14 days for a repeat offence) for drivers with a blood alcohol level of greater than 50 mgs;
  • Reducing the allowable blood alcohol level to zero (down from the previous level of 0.05%) for drivers accompanying a novice driver.
  • Prohibit the use of electronic devices such as cell phones, Blackberries and iPhones to send or read text messages, or programming GPS devices while the vehicle is in motion.