New Years resolution?

Usually a New Year's Resolution means giving up something you really enjoy. What is the average Canadian's favourite indulgence?

Going after Big Tobacco? You might think that is the answer but no, that is not the first choice for an indulgence for a Canadian. A recent survey has revealed a sedentary choice. The number one favourite thing to do is watching television. A full 55% of those surveyed said that watching TV is their first choice.

Number two came in at 45% for eating red meat with 34% choosing to drink alcohol. The survey went a bit deeper. When asked if giving up eating red meat which would add up to five more healthy years to their lives 50% of the men said, "no" compared to 40% of the women. Giving up drinking was less dearly held. The statistics showed 39% of the men would not give up alcoholic drinks compared to 28% of the women.

A study done by RBC shows that there is a high level of stress among Canadians. Of the population 55% said they have high stress levels. Canadians with children came in at 69% stressed. If you don't have children then your stress level drops to 51%.

So we are seeing a pattern here of inactivity combined with food and drink that will eventually affect your overall health. It appears that if you are a Canadian dad then you should consider turning off the TV a night or two. Perhaps you could add having fish or chicken more often for dinner. Walking, playing the Wii or a little Tai Chi wouldn't hurt, either!

In regards to insurance, you might wonder why the rates are so high for your life insurance policy. When it comes to life insurance your age, health and occupation all will factor into what premium you will pay. Disability insurance rates also are affected by health, age and occupation. This same survey showed that 76% of Canadians who have children worry about their families needs if there was a death or disability but only 68% feel confident with their level of life insurance.

It is an important area to address. At this point in time there is no pure health drug so we know we will all sicken and eventually die. Talk to your accountant, financial adviser or broker to see what options might be available for you.