New Brunswick helps volunteer organizations

Recent news is that The Province of New Brunswick has announced a formal collaboration with insurers and insurance brokers to help find the most appropriate insurance coverage for non-profit organizations at the most competitive rates available.

The province's Community Non-Profit Organizations Secretariat, the Insurance Brokers' Association of New Brunswick (IBANB) and the Insurance Bureau of Canada have joined in this initiative.
"Insurance can be an expensive necessity for many non-profit groups in our province," Brian Kenny, the minister responsible for the community non-profit organizations secretariat, said in a press release. "The coverage they require varies between organizations, and they often do not have the resources or the expertise to shop for a package that best suits their needs and budget.

"These stakeholders (IBC and IBANB) have come forward to assist non-profits with access to insurance information and with more assistance in obtaining appropriate and affordable insurance coverage. This will help non-profits with their bottom line and their ability to fundraise and deliver community-based programs and services."

The package for liability insurance includes coverage for directors and officers, general liability, group accident benefits for volunteers and property coverage.

Kenny stated that the collaboration with the insurer and broker organizations is designed to bring non-profits closer to industry stakeholders. "Non-profits need to know whom to approach for insurance and how to get the best value out of their insurance dollar," he said. "They want easy access."

This should help make the process easier for the volunteer organizations in New Brunswick.