Music festivals and insurance

Insurance for music festivals? You bet. When the organizers set up the location, hire the bands and start arranging everything from port-a-potties to food kiosks then insurance is involved.

There is a special form of insurance for this type of special event. It not only protects the organizers from the financial devastation of a liability lawsuit because of an unexpected injury but can provide some insurance in case of a tornado or event that prevents the concert from proceeding.

Have you bought tickets for a music festival? Then you also could be subject to having an insurance claim against you for an unexpected accident. It could be something as simple as attending the Calgary Folk Fest and bringing a blanket to lay on the grass. When you shake out the blanket to lay it flat on the ground you accidentally hit someone in the eye with a corner. Guess what, you can be sued for that injury!

If you have tenants, condo, or homeowners insurance then you do have liability coverage. If that person has suffered a serious injury then isn't it nice that your insurance will help to take care of them?

If you don't have this type of insurance then talk to your agent or broker. It is very inexpensive and is a great way to give you some control over unexpected events. Remember, bad things do happen to good people.