MTV Rob Drydek smelly lawsuit

Some lawsuits seem fairer than others

It has been recently reported the MTV is be sued by the "smelly old man" for comments made by Rob Dyrdek.

Rob Dyrdek is a reality TV star and skate boarder. Dyrdek made comments on "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" about a man who is said to have an unpleasant odor. This man was not identified by name

The man states that the show was aired without his permission. As a result of this episode he has suffered shame and embarrassment from the alleged humiliating treatment.

The man has been the butt of jokes by his friends and family, who tease and mock him, sometimes buying him air freshener.

Part of the claim is that Dyrdek also made remarks about this man's walk. The man suffers from "spinal stenosis". John Cleese is the master of the "funny walk" and he makes us all laugh. The obvious difference is that Cleese makes fun of himself.

Is this man suing for millions? No, all he wants is $25,000. That sounds reasonable to me. It is in the hands of the lawyers now and we can expect there will be an out of court settlement.

Accountability is important - even in Hollywood.


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