What is a mosquito buffer zone?

Mosquitos could get very bad this year! We have had a lot of wet weather and it is starting to get warm. This is perfect for breeding mosquitos.

What can you do? Wear some form of mosquito repellent and if you are concerned about ingredients then check out tea tree oil. You should avoid eating bananas as the mosquitos love that scent coming from your pores. Bugs also seem to be attracted to the colour yellow - you can check this out if you have tattoos!

Some people are very concerned about the environment and mosquito fogging. The spraying system helps to keep the mosquito population down.

The City of Winnipeg, Manitoba has a rule in place that if a resident requests a buffer zone then the city crews cannot fog within 100 metres of that home.

City official are looking at whether or not this is still feasible. If they do decide to change the rule and allow the fogging without residents having a say then this change will have to be approved by the provincial government.

What happens if you or a family member gets sick as a result of the mosquito fog. Would you sue? Depending on the circumstances you might find yourself receiving compensation.