Mobile Home

What is a mobile home? The insurance answer is that it also can be referred to as a manufactured home.

A manufactured home is built in sections and then delivered to the site location and assembled. These homes can be written by most insurers on standard or broad homeowners wording, as comprehensive forms are often unavailable. Guaranteed replacement cost may also not be offered. It is important that you compare the coverage offered between one company and another.

If the mobile home is actually delivered as one unit then there are other considerations. Some include is it on a concrete foundation or is a double wide then there may be consideration for wider coverage. Some of the factors that affect this type of insurance are the year built, CSA label, tied-down, skirted, double or single wide structure, distance to closest building and location of the residence.

Be careful when answering these questions as a claim could be denied if you misrepresent yourself. An example is stating that your home is tied-down and there is a claim where the home tips over. If it is not tied-down then you will be without coverage.

Checking with a broker to determine the markets available is probably a cost-saving device in insuring a mobile home. It also may gain you more coverage when there is a fire or other loss resulting in a claim.