If I had a million dollars

Have you been buying lottery tickets? You do know the odds are one in 26 million and no matter how many tickets you buy each ticket has the same chance?

We all the know the song, "If I had a million dollars, I'd be rich". It is interesting to note that the millionaire count has recovered from the economic turnaround.

There are now almost as many millionaires as there were before our economy suffered and for the first time there are as many millionaires in Asia as in Europe.

If you had a million dollars you would likely be investing it. The wealth of the 10 million people globally with more than $1 million to invest has risen as well. It went up to 18.9% to $39 trillion (yes, that is trillion) US dollars in 2009. That is down a bit from the $40.7 trillion in 2007 but up from the $32.8 trillion the investors had in 2008.

The Asia-Pacific region had the number of millionaires rise 26% to three million with an asset growth of 31% to $9.7 trillion last year.

It is nice to know that the millionaire count has rebounded. Perhaps one day that lottery ticket will pay off?