Medical Condition

You are required to declare a medical condition when applying for automobile insurance. Examples would include if you require corrective lenses, have diabetes or require special mirrors due to a hearing condition. Most Class 1 (heavy truck or tractor/trailer) drivers are required to have a regular medical examination as part of their licensing. Older drivers may be required to have a medical prior to renewing their license.

If you have an accident while being affected by your medical condition this may affect the subrogation after the accident.

You are also required to disclose any medical condition you may have when applying for life insurance or disability insurance. Having a medical condition will not necessarily exclude you from coverage. You may pay extra on your life insurance for an on-going condition or for a certain period until you show that you are no longer affected by the old condition.

One company may be more lenient then another. Do your research to be sure that you are getting the best coverage at the best price.