The insurance answer for mechanic is referring to an automobile mechanic: someone whose occupation is repairing and maintaining automobiles. A mechanic can be an employee of a commercial garage or the owner of the garage.

Vehicle inspections (VIR) need to be completed by a licensed mechanic. The mechanic warranties that the vehicle was inspected at that date and the information stated is true. The mechanic usually has to provide name, business name and state their mechanic's license on the inspection.

Mechanics can specialize in motorcycle, automobile, heavy duty, farm or motor home repair and service.

If the mechanic is not an employee of the garage then they will need to have commercial general liability for their operation. The garage will need an SPF4 for coverage for non-owned automobiles.

Talk to your agent or broker about what you need to consider for your coverage. Your business tools are usually only covered to a certain limit while they are at your home. Do you have coverage for that large investment you have made in tools? Is this covered through your place of employment? What about any equipment you may have? Find out the insurance answer for your needs as a mechanic.