Mature is a discount granted by insurance underwriters for property and automobile policies. Insurance is based on risk. Statistics have proven that older people are usually more careful and have fewer claims.

Insurance companies use age from 35 on up and some will grant a further discount once the person reaches 55 or 60. Some companies will reduce the automobile discount after a certain age such as 65. You should discuss the discounts on your policies with your agent or broker.

When placing commercial insurance the age of the management team and the key employees can affect the acceptability and/or rate for the risk. A young person with little experience starting up a brand new business is much riskier then a mature person with many years of experience.

Be sure to make your agent or broker aware of factors that might make your business be seen in a "better light". Information such as safety programs, prior experience and coaches or mentors involved in your enterprise could be helpful in getting you a better rate.

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