Material Damage

This is also known as physical damage This is the insurance purchased for the financial risk of physical damage to a vehicle. It includes automobile comprehensive, collision, and specified perils.

You may choose the deductible that best suits you. Higher deductibles cost less. Choosing specified perils rather then comprehensive also costs less.

The higher deductible is not always the best choice if you cannot afford to pay this portion of the claim. You could choose higher deductibles when the weather is warm and risk is less from ice and snow claims. You could then choose to lower the deductible when your risk increases over the winter months. Each person has different reasons for the coverage they want.

If you take specified perils rather then comprehensive you will give up impact with an animal and vandalism coverage. This is usually a significant savings but if you do hit a deer or your vehicle is keyed then you will pay all costs out of pocket.

Discuss your specific need for physical damage coverage with your agent or broker.