Manufacturer is a producer of products that people buy. Manufacturers require special insurance to protect them in case of injury to the public because of the product they manufacture.

A manufacturer may need product recall insurance in case a product is found to be defective. A manufacturer often will require business interruption not only for their own location but the locations of their suppliers and/or their main customers.

Often a manufacturer has specialized equipment that be time consuming and costly to replace after loss or damage. Insurance companies will "package" coverage to meet the needs of specialty insurance such as manufacturers, realty, energy and farming.

A manufacturer will often have a large number of employees. Management of the staff, quality control and the logistics of materials handling are all to be considered.

The insurance answer for a manufacturer is to insure what losses they cannot control or avoid. A good risk management program which includes a complete safety program will help keep costs down.

Talk to your advisers and look at your options when choosing the right insurance coverage for your business.