Manitoba offers new photo ID

It was recently announced that the people of Manitoba have the option of applying for a new government-endorsed photo identification card. This can will serve as secure proof of identity, age, and residency.

For a cost of $20 you get the card which includes the cost of the photograph. The card is good for up to five years. Applying for the ID card is voluntary. You can get the card through the Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) service centre or any Autopac dealer.

There are similar ID cards are available to residents of most other Canadian provinces or territories. This new card is not the Enhanced Identification Card (EID) available to Manitobans who seek an alternative for ID when entering the United States not by air, but by water or land.

The Manitoba ID card is different then the EID card in that it does not require an in-person interview nor does it provide proof of Canadian Citizenship. The EID has a radio frequency identification chip and has a machine readable zone. This new ID card has neither.

Be assured that the personal information collected when applying for the new basic ID card remains within the exclusive control of the Manitoba government and its agencies. Any privacy concerns will be reviewed by the provincial Ombudsman, MPI and the Manitoba government.

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