Manitoba DSR is coming

Change is coming to Manitoba
Manitoba's new Driver Safety Rating (DSR) program comes into effect March 1, 2010. This is also the start of the new multi-year Autopac renewal system. The old method of going to the broker's office each year will be amended to once every five years unless there is a needed change to the policy.

Driving rewarded or punished
The objective of DSR is to give premium decreases to the safe drivers as a reward. For the unsafe driver with higher risk behaviours there will be premium increases.

How does it work?
Your driving record will be placed on a sliding scale with zero in the middle. You can go up 15 points or down 20 points. Up the scale is good. For every year you are at-fault accident and conviction free you will go up the scale one point. If you get a traffic ticket (conviction) or have an at-fault accident then you get demerit points and go down the scale.

Drivers who are above zero get discounts on their insurance premiums. Drivers who drop down the scale will see surcharges on their premiums.

Insurance answer
If you reward people for good behaviour with lower rates then we are likely to see less accidents. It is all about choice, if you choose to make good decisions then you are likely to pay less for insurance. If you make bad decisions then you will likely pay more.