MPI keeps rates low

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) is requesting to not have an overall increase in its basic Autopac rates beginning March 1st, 2010.

The result is that if the Public Utilities Board approves MPI's rate changes, then the average passenger vehicle premium will fall by about two dollars to $886, based on statistics from MPI.

The average applied rate changes are as follows:

  • Off-road vehicles -16.7%
  • Private passenger -0.2%
  • Commercial 0.6%
  • Public 2.5%
  • Trailers 3.8%
  • Motorcycles 5.7%
  • Moped and motor scooters 25%

The moped and motor scooter rates are going up so much due to claims. Overall, the province has seen good results in its auto theft prevention strategy. This program was launched in 2005.

Auto theft has decreased 62.4% since 2004. Last year, the theft in the province dropped 41%.

Marilyn McLaren,the president and CEO of MPI, stated, “The number of vehicles stolen in Manitoba has fallen for 31 of 32 months.” She further declared, “This resulting drop has saved the corporation $58 million in theft claims costs since 2005, and has directly resulted in a 3.6% reduction in Autopac rates over the last three years.”

The insurance answer is that an ounce of prevention is better then the pound of cure. Reduced theft claims results in most everyone paying less money for insurance.