Low status leads to student violence

Kids are being exposed to more violence today. We have more communication and yes, each generation has more opportunity to observe violence first-hand whether it be on the TV news or in a video game.

A study in the United States shows that almost 1/3 of adolescents have been involved in one of three violent behaviors. Males are still more likely to be involved than females but a key factor is family income.

Rich kids are less likely to participate in violent behavior then poor kids. The greater factor though is academic performance. A teenager who is getting "A" levels is about 18% of the group having behavior problems. The teenager with "D" levels is part of the 54% group having problems with violence.

So the rich adolescent with "A" level is the least likely to be involved in a serious fight at school or work, a group-against-group fight or attacking others with a serious intention of harm. The "D" level students from higher income families have nearly identical violent behavior as student from the low income family.

So encourage your child to do well in school. Find out what you can do to raise the grade levels and reduce your risk of violence.