Lost Diamond

"Oh no" she whispers. "How did I lose the diamond out of my engagement ring?"

Is this covered by insurance? The answer is maybe. If you have your ring listed on your insurance policy then likely you will be able to replace the stone with little or no deductible. You have an appraisal of the ring so you should be able to get a duplicate diamond that will even fool your mother-in-law.

If you did not buy this extra coverage then you are likely out of luck. If insurance will cover the claim there will be a limit to the amount paid out. You will have to pay for the difference on the replacement stone yourself. Hopefully you have an appraisal of the ring to assist you in making a match.

How important is a piece of jewelery to you? One method of preventing loss of a stone is to have the claws checked on a regular basis by a jeweller. You decide if buying insurance is part of the protection you want.