Lose weight and get a raise

Research has shown that if you are a thin woman you will get paid more than an overweight female doing the same job.

It is the reverse for men. A thin man is not seen as the physical idea. A man should be big and strong with controlled emotions.

This is something that is ingrained in our culture and people have subconscious reactions to body types.

Our social stereotyping has shown that we regard obese individuals as less honest, not as disciplined and less likely to be productive. We think of thin people as being self-disciplined, hard working and thrifty.

When you look at the advertising and promotion for weight loss you can see that there is a strong push by society for women to be thin. The corporate road to success seems to be easier for the more attractive woman with an income that matches that image.

So if you are a heavier woman you will have to overcome this stereotype. The same is true for a thin man. Life is not fair.