Liquor Liability

Liquor liability insurance has become an ever increasing concern. If you put on a Christmas party for your staff then you need to think about preventing a lawsuit. This lawsuit could happen when the employees have too much to drink and either end up hurt or hurt others while driving impaired.

So what can you do to minimize the risk? You might consider

  • Have the employees purchase their own drinks.
  • If an employee has had too much to drink then they have to take a cab home. Another option is to provide hotel rooms for all the employees for the night - no one has to drive.
  • Any function with liquor has to have a bartender with the training to recognize when to stop serving drinks. Liquor should not be served within one hour of the close of the function.

If you are hosting a wedding, anniversary or special function where liquor will be served then you need to consider liquor liability insurance. You still need to do everything you can to minimize the chance of someone driving impaired.

Talk to your agent or broker as they may have further information to help you prevent the loss of a life and a lawsuit.