Life insurance provides for payment of a specified amount on the insured's death, either to the estate or to a designated beneficiary (person); or in the case of an endowment policy, to the policy holder at a specified date.

Life insurance agents or brokers require special licensing. Sometimes your general insurance advisor is also licensed for life insurance. If not, they might be able to recommend a few experts that you could consult when seeking this type of coverage.

If you are killed because of a an accident involving a car - even if you were walking across the street then there are death benefits in your auto policy. This is under Section B - Accident Benefits.

You may have a group insurance benefit that will also pay out in case of death. Other forms of payment could come from creditor insurance. An example of creditor insurance is life insurance on a car or equipment loan.

Some insurance companies also include a small death benefit in their home insurance policies. Be sure to ask your broker about what benefits may be available if your family member has passed away.