Liability is the basis of injury insurance. Legal liability is the responsibilities, which courts recognize and enforce between persons who sue one another. A liability is any legally enforceable obligation. Your liability insurance provides protection against loss arising out of your liability to third parties. The third party is the one who has suffered an injury.

As the property owner or business operator, you are liable for damage or injury caused by your operation, property ownership or your staff. You should be carrying a form of liability insurance to protect against such a loss.

Personal property policies such as a homeowner form, have a world-wide liability for your accidental and unintentional injury to another person or object. Liability policies have limits, and the insurance company is only bound within the limits stated.

You also have public liability and property damage (PLPD) on your automobile insurance. This is for your accidental injury to persons or property while operating your vehicle.

You should discuss your need for liability insurance with your agent or broker.