Template letter for MADD

Template letter
Mail may be sent postage-free to any Member of Parliament

(First and last name), Member of Parliament
House of Commons
Parliament Building
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Dear (Sir or Madam):
I am writing to you today to bring the very serious matter of impaired driving to your attention.

Every year, hundreds of Canadians are killed and tens of thousands are injured in impaired driving crashes on our roads and highways. Even with provincial and territorial administrative laws, enforcement programs, and awareness and education campaigns, impaired driving is still causing carnage on our roads. Something more needs to be done.

Recently, MADD Canada called on the Government of Canada to introduce random breath testing, a roadside screening test to detect impaired driving. This measure has been introduced in many other countries, with significant results. Random breath testing deters people from getting behind the wheel because the chances of them being caught are much higher. It has significantly reduced impairment-related crashes, deaths and injuries in those countries where it has been introduced.

We need this anti-impaired driving measure in Canada. The laws we have now do not adequately deter impaired drivers. Far too many people continue to put their lives and the lives of others at risk by driving impaired.

Random breath testing will save lives, prevent injuries and make our roads safer.

As a citizen in your riding, I am asking you to make your colleagues in Parliament aware of this important anti-impaired driving measure and to ask the Justice Committee and the Government to implement random breath testing in Canada.

Thank you for your time and for your attention to this important matter.