Lay Up

Lay up is the term used in regards to getting a boat ready for winter. Insurance is usually concerned with the location - where is the watercraft stored while not in use? Is it secure?

It is a good idea to do certain maintenance on your boat as you prepare for the winter storage.

Your main concern is going to be preventing water and freezing damage. The water systems include pumps, strainers, pipes and tanks. These should be completely drained. Most watercraft have a manual that can be referenced. If you are unsure about the correct procedures you should consult a professional.

The housekeeping for layup includes storing contents and clearing out any food products. Scrubbing surfaces clean and a general removal of valuables is worth doing.

It is a good idea to seek some advice from the dealership where your purchased your boat or check online for further techniques that would apply to your particular unit.

Insurance can only deal with sudden and accidental damage to your boat. It is up to you to provide good maintenance to make sure that your boating pleasure will continue for years to come.

Insurance advice

Be sure to have a policy that will cover liability as well as the physical damage to your unit. You are responsible for the operation of your watercraft, even if you are not the person behind the wheel. Take control of your insurance.