Jobs, jobs, everywhere!

Job boom coming to Canada

There was a recent survey on the internet job site, which shows a high degree of optimism about the economy and jobs to come.

The survey of 255 private-sector human resources executives found that more of them expect to hire employees in 2010. This is a reversal of reducing workers in the past year or two.

Of the employers surveyed 29% said that they expect to add more full-time employees then do lay offs. This correlates with a study done of manufacturers that showed positive results on hiring expectations for 2010.

Canada's labour market is still down 342,000 employees from the peak of October 2008. It is felt that the trend has reversed and 73,000 jobs were added in November.

It is hoped that the "talent scouts" will continue to add workers to the employer's roster and we will see the economy stabilize to a steady growth pattern.