Jobs for working moms getting scarce?

Are you a working mom looking for a job? Times have changed. In 1976 less than 40% of mothers of younger children were in the workforce. Now we see almost 73% of these women employed.

Employers are starting to view the working mom in a less positive manner. Regus, is a workplace services firm and they have completed a survey about the attitudes of companies towards this particular group.

Worldwide statistics show that 36% of companies plan on hiring working mothers. In Canada only 31% of companies say that they will hire more working mothers.

Why is there a negative attitude towards working mothers?

The main concerns that business owners have with working mothers includes the following:

  • Skills are out-dated - 24%
  • Have less flexibility and show less commitment than other employees - 37%
  • Will leave shortly after training has been completed to have another child - 33%

The survey shows that in Canada the employers are more concerned about a working mother’s flexibility (38%) as compared to being worried about out-of-date skills (16%).

If you are a working mom then you might consider focusing your job search towards companies that allow employees to work flexible hours or have remote access.