Its Alarming

The house is engulfed in flames. The smoke alarm did not work. Not because there was a design error. The fire spread so far because the batteries were not replaced. Some smoke alarms are wired in but many take just a couple of batteries to maintain. The cost of the batteries is the start of your investment in protection.

You can purchase two types of smoke detectors. The photoelectric responds very quickly to a fire that is just smoldering. The less expensive type, ionization responds better to the fire that has flames. Ideally you should have both types. Check that the model has the CSA approval and follow the installation steps carefully.

If you set up a monthly routine of dusting and checking your smoke detectors you would be taking a positive step in protecting your home. It is a good idea to replace the batteries at least twice a year. It could be spring and fall as part of the housekeeping routine.

If the smoke detector does not beep when you test it then replace it with a newer model. There are two types of detectors. Ionization, which responds better to flaming fire, is the usual type because it is less expensive. The second type, photoelectric, responds more quickly to smoldering fires. Consider having both types in your home.

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