Is your office healthy?

What would you do to make your office healthier?

It is commonplace now to see hand sanitizers on the office desk. This is a result of the H1N1 scare and an effort to keep the disease out of the workplace. The side effect has been that there is less absenteeism due to cough, fevers, flu, or colds.

Increased productivity is a result of healthier, happier employees. So what would you suggest is another way to improve the health of employees?

Complimentary healthy snacks could be a great recruiting tool. Vitamins should be carefully taken as there can be side effects from over-dosing but some exercise equipment could be a real bonus.

Imagine the board room having a treadmill. You could pop in and do 15 minutes as your morning break. Heighten the physical ability of a worker and you will sharpen the brain. We know that excellent physical fitness will enhance alertness.

This could end up being so popular that you may have to create a schedule to make sure everyone gets a turn. Most employees would enjoy a break from being glued to the monitor.

Happier, healthier employees and reduced sick days. Sounds like a win-win!