Is your EI benefit almost done?

Is your Employment Insurance benefit running out? You are still looking for work and now starting to panic?

Yvon Godin is a New Democrat MP who is pushing for the federal government to extend employment insurance (EI) for the workers who are running out of benefits.

Canada has more than 500,000 workers who are still looking for a job and are getting close to using up all their weeks on EI. We have spent a lot of money helping out corporations during these tough economic times. Should we not be there for our regular Joe?

What do you do? If you look at welfare then you will first be forced to sell any assets you have left. If you have been on EI for some time you are going to have a lot less assets then when you were employed. The government has extended the EI benefits for a period of five to 20 weeks to help the unemployed.

Hopefully the government is going to look at some job creation plans to help give the economy a jump and our eager workers to get back on the job. Do check the website below to see what might be available for you.