Is the Red River going to flood?

Once again the Red River is expected to peak in Winnipeg in early April.

Volunteers are working with sand bags to protect the properties that are at risk. Many of the residents of this area are quite calm about the situation. This is the "annual Spring Flood" and something that has to be dealt with.

Since flood is not included on personal property policies it is important that you do what you can for risk control. Some steps you might take would include moving your valuables out of the basement area. Be sure that your floor drains are clear and install sump pumps. There are sewer backflow valves that will stop the sewer from rising in your home area but there must be proper drainage for the excess as it is stopped. Another area of concern is the grading around your home - if you are on higher ground you are less likely to have the same problems as low ground locations.

In the past the provincial government of Manitoba was concerned about people who have cottages on flood-prone leased land north of Winnipeg. These people were told that they would be compensated for giving up those leases.

This affected about 42 homes in a subdivision in Breezy Point. The conservation minister, Stan Struthers said flood prevention measures is not a viable option in the area.

Struthers said the provincial government would offer those who lease Crown land compensation for giving up those leases.

Some of the homes in this area were badly damaged by massive ice jams in 2009.

The insurance answer is that flood is not covered for personal property. The government provides the only relief when the ice jams occur with the resulting floods.