Is my travel insurance valid?

It is strongly recommended by Turner's Tips that you have travel insurance when you travel. There is not a concern for traveling to Mexico due to H1N1 concerns at this time. There is a concern that H1N1 could be anywhere, anytime. Be prepared when you travel by having purchased travel insurance to cover unexpected medical costs.

There were concerns with travel insurance and the swine flu outbreak in Mexico.

Most insurance polices will not cover trips against FCO advice – on any section of the policy. Even if not a specific policy condition, every traveler has to act as prudently and carefully as they would if uninsured. So if you recklessly ignore advice or put yourself deliberately at risk-then insurers are normally entitled to decline any claim.

Trip interruption/cancellation coverage is not going to be honoured by the insurance companies if your trip was booked after a travel advisory. This would be coverage invoked to return you to Canada due to your inability to continue your vacation in the foreign country.

Be warned that if you must travel to a country where there is H1N1 concerns or a possibility of a travel advisory then check with your insurer first. Do not rely on the telephone. Get any advice in writing sent to you clearly stating that the coverage is in force if you become sick due to the swine flu outbreak or were delayed due to earthquake, volcano or other tragedy.

The insurance answer is to have travel insurance and do your homework. Please check if there are restrictions or concerns before you book your trip.