Will You Get Paid If A Claim Is Deliberate?

Usually an insurance claim only pays if the loss is accidental. An example is when a dishwasher overflows into the house causing damage to the flooring and possibly the walls. This water damage is sudden and accidental.

Insurance does cover "stupid". The teenager who skateboards across the hardwood floors or the golf ball ricocheting from the big screen television to the plate glass window are all claims that the insuring company would consider.

A claim will not be paid for if the person has deliberately set a fire in their home - this is arson which is a criminal offense. An exception to this rule would be a fact that a mortgage clause inserted in the policy on behalf of the mortgagee will protect their interest even when the insured has committed a crime, but will pay to the mortgagee's limit interest only and have right of recovery against the arsonist.

There has been recent discussion in the courts that you must have a mental capacity to make a decision to do a deliberate act. So the current thought is that if you are of an unsound mind then the claim could not be denied.

You should report your claim situation to your broker with all honesty. If you did a deliberate act which caused the damage than you likely will not have coverage.