Is car insurance cheaper in Saskatchewan?

Automobile insurance is usually less expensive for the residents of Saskatchewan. The provinces of Alberta and British Columbia traditionally have had higher rates. Many of the insurers in Alberta have applied and received rate increases for the physical damage (Section C) portion of automobile policies. These increases are affecting your policy "bottom line".

Now Saskatchewan Government Insurance has had some rate increases and slowly the rates are creeping up to match Alberta and other provinces. Be aware that to get the best rate in Saskatchewan you will have to provide a claims and experience letter dating back to January 1 1995. Ask your broker or agent about how to put this together before you move to Saskatchewan. You will only have 30 days to provide the proof of your stated driving record or you will be rated from day one at the higher premium.

A person with a good driving record is always going to end up paying less then a poor driver. The answer to the insurance question about how to get cheaper rates? You make your own choices. You are in control. You will pay the price.