iPhone cell bill almost $8000 for 3 days

If you got a cellphone bill of $8000 would you be surprised? Jason Boutang of Airdrie, Alberta was on holiday in Europe and used his iPhone. His three days showed up on a cell phone bill of $7,763.70!

What do you do when this happens? Virgin Mobile is the cell phone provider and so of course Boutang contacted them to verify the bill. It seems that the translator app was not free. He also streamed a radio station from Calgary for about five hours over the three day period. These actions required Internet signals and the charges began to build quickly.

Virgin Mobile actually shut off the phone after the three days because of the unusual amount of charges occurring. We are familiar with this when the credit card company calls you to verify what is considered unusual activity on your account.

Now Boutang finds his regular monthly bill of approximately $200 up to almost $8000. Boutang has stated that he did check with a customer service representative at Virgin Mobile before he used his phone in Europe. He says that he was not informed about the higher cost of using the phone abroad and does not feel he should have to pay.

A complaint has been filed with Canadian Radio-Television Commission (CRTC) by Boutang. It is hoped that Virgin Mobile will be able to find some accommodation for Boutang.

The insurance answer would be trying to establish negligence on the part of Virgin Mobile. This would require some documentation of the conversation with the customer service representative who failed to do what should have been done - warn Boutang of the consequence of using his cellphone in Europe. The almost $8000 phone bill is definitely something that one would prefer not to pay. The public image of the cell phone service provider has been tarnished - perhaps they will be able to assist Boutang.

In the meantime, be warned. If you are away from your home then your Internet charges are going to go up, way up! This applies to your laptop or your phone.