Is your iPhone dropping calls?

iPhone's problems bring back memories of the old commercial, "can you hear me now?"

Steve Jobs has addressed concerns started by Consumer Reports about dropped calls. The issue is the placement of the antenna on the new iPhone 4. So how will they restore your confidence in your iPhone? Apple is offering free phone cases to its customers.

It's all about the grip. Jobs maintains that other brands of phones such as Motorola, RIM and HTC will drop calls if they are also held on the side when in a poor signal area.s.

Of course, Motorola has denied that their Droid X performs equal to the iPhone 4. The co-CEO Sanjay Jha said that it performs much better than iPhone.

Consumer Reports has not added the iPhone to its recommended list but says that the cases are a "stop in the right direction".

Apple has offered the 30 day return option to its customers. The return rate of dissatisfied customers is just 1.7%. Apple is doing what they can to inform the public about their options. Check out Apple Smartphone info. Apple has said that they will provide a free case to buyers of the iPhone 4 - here is the information link to the iPhone Case Program .

Insurance help

Remember, you can add your cellphone to your home insurance policies. Some of the units are very expensive and a "floater" gives an all risk-type coverage. Yes, you spill your coffee on your phone and you can make a claim! Take control of your insurance. Talk to your broker or agent.