Insurance Tips

Insurance tips for everyone

TurnersTips has set up this website to give you the power to choose insurance wisely.

It seems everyone from a gecko with an Australian accent to a young lady with a room full of insurance is trying to sell you their product. Who do you believe? You go looking for an insurance quote and the answers could come back differently from an agent, a broker or an online site. What will your insurance costs be when the policy is actually issued? Will you get paid when you have a claim?

TurnersTips should give you the help you need to weed out the wrong choices. If you Search you should find an answer to your question. If that does not give you exactly what you are looking for then you can go to the Forum and start a thread. Our experts are ready to answer you directly if you wish to pose a question through Ask.

No longer will you walk into an office and feel intimidated. You will have a base on which to stand. If you prefer to go online then you will get a more accurate insurance quote because we have discussed the process with you. When you have a claim then you will better understand the process and work with your representative to get what you truly deserve. Isn't it a great feeling when you know you are in control?

What does this cost? Nothing. We are here to help you. All we ask is that you spread the word.Tell you friends and have them tell their friends. We do believe the strongest network in the world is people telling each other the truth. Isn't it great to have a source you can trust?