Will insurance renew after a tornado?

If you are living where a state of emergency has been declared what will happen with your insurance? If you are living in the middle of a recent tornado zone or have just suffered through a wildfire what happens at renewal time? Will the insurance company still give you a policy?

To answer this we first must define what is an insurable emergency. Most insurance companies will say:

  • An emergency must have a direct impact or effect on you, the Insured, your site or your insured property located in the declared emergency area or, the operations of your insurance company or its broker or agent located in the declared emergency area.

So if your neighbours have been affected by wildfire and now you want to add coverage to your cabin next door then you are going to have difficulty finding someone to insure it. If that cabin already has insurance on it and it is due to run out right away then that is a different story.

The insurance companies have usually included in their wordings that a policy will continue after renewal for the least of either 30 days or the number of days that total the emergency order is in effect. The absolute maximum will be 120 days.

Then what? Then the insurance company has the option not to renew your policy. Talk to your agent or broker about trying to find replacement coverage.

What if I had a claim? The claim is covered under the time of the policy that you had in place. That claim will still be valid.

If you live in an area of possible flood, wildfire, or other frequently occurring hazards then you need to be very sure that you have the strongest insurance policy available. It is up to you. Ask questions and take control of your insurance.