The insurance answer
The restaurant kitchen area is a high risk for fire. Grease build up can become a serious fire hazard. Flammables stored in the restaurant such as decorations, furniture, liquor and packaging materials would ignite quickly causing a fire to spread to a possible total loss. To help keep your rates down and reduce claims be sure to check for:

  • Regular cleaning of exhaust systems to prevent heavy grease or sludge from accumulating.
  • Wet chemical fire suppression systems used? They will not reignite or splash the grease-type fire.
  • Is there a service contract for the fire suppression system to ensure that all is operating efficiently.
  • Cleaning regime maintained for ducts, filters, hoods, deep fat fryers and fans in the kitchen. The metal hoods should be equpped with non-combustible hood filters and explosion proofed lights.
  • Are the heat controls thermostatic? Is there grease traps under the grills?
  • Is there an automatic extinguishing system which protects the hood, surface and duct?
  • Consider other ignition sources such as candles, curtains, smoking areas, table side cooking, leaks from refrigeration or air conditioning units.
  • Is there a smoking area? Provision for adequate extinguishing of the spent cigarettes and cigars?

What else can I do to reduce my insurance costs?
Find an agent or broker that you can work with that has access to different packages. Often a package policy will have extra coverages and yet the overall pricing is less then purchasing as individual items. The agent or broker that you work with should be eager to establish a partnership with you to help form a solid relationship resulting in good insurance coverage at a price point that you deserve.