This is the independent checking of a business for potential hazards which is completed by an inspection agency.

Inspections are also done for high-end personal properties to help determine potential hazards and to help determine reconstruction value. Recommendations from the inspection can be accompanied by a site plan and photos.

An inspection can also be done when there is a claims situation requiring further information.

An inspection can be a valuable tool when setting up your insurance. You may not be aware of potential hazards. A hazard can be reduced by taking certain steps. If the hazard cannot be completed deleted then you need to be aware of the potential loss that can result from an occurrence.

You will be required to do all recommendations that are determined by an inspection. This can be as simple as installing a handrail to as complex as requiring a specific type of fire extinguishing system or fire detection system.

You should be advised of the upcoming inspection and often your agent or broker will be the one to follow up with the required recommendations.