More tax tips for your 2010 return

Public Transit

Are you choosing to use public transit to help save money on car insurance and the environment?

Take advantage of this potential tax credit by purchasing monthly or yearly transit passes. You can get an income tax credit of 15% of the annual cost. You do not have to be using the transit to get to work, you just need to be buying the passes on the monthly or annual basis.

Children's Fitness

Yes, this credit is still in place for 2010. You can claim a tax credit for the cost of sports and fitness programs.

Long haul truckers meal expense

Are you one of the drivers moving goods across the country? For 2010 the deductible portion of meal expenses has been raised to 75% and you will see this go up to 80% in 2011.

Textbooks for students

The textbook tax credit is available to help with the cost of post-secondary education. You can also claim tuition and living expenses.

Check out your eligibility or criteria by telephoning 1-800-959-8281 or by visiting the Canada Revenue website