Identity theft - credit card info compromised

You do what you can to protect your credit card information. We all dread the possibility of someone stealing our identity and the complications and cost that could bring. If you think having the new PIN format will help you then you could be wrong.

Check out this link about some of the high tech methods being used to access your private credit card information.

Will we become wary of strangers walking close to us? When does the suspicion stop? You do need to be conscious of the possibility of others taking information that you may leave in plain view. Be sure to shred your personal documents and do not put password information in your wallet.

Most insurance companies now include or make available, identity theft insurance. This is to help with the legal expenses involved in restoring your identity. With this type of coverage you will not suffer from lost time at work and will have some funds to pay the necessary legal costs.

As well, personal property policies also have a limited amount of coverage for loss of a credit card, debit card or counterfeit money. Talk to your agent or broker to see what you have available to you. Make sure that you understand the limitations of your particular coverage. Take control of your insurance.