How to help prevent ID fraud

Identity theft can be a terrible thing. You will find yourself having to replace credit cards, restore bank accounts and maybe your reputation!

Anytime you are making a purchase with a credit card or a debit card you are at risk. Here are some steps you can take to help reduce the chance of suffering identity theft:

I'm afraid when shopping at the mall

I am afraid of online shopping fraud

Further tips to increase your protection

  • Shred or otherwise destroy pre-approved credit card applications, bills, credit card receipts, or any other paperwork that has your personal information on it.
  • Clean out your mail box after receiving a delivery. Do not leave mail laying around the house. The friend of a friend may not be of the best character and you do not want to create an opportunity for a theft.
  • Do not give out your PIN, SIN, date of birth, credit card information or other personal information over the phone or by email. If this information is truly required there is other ways to provide it that do not put you at risk.
  • Be alert for telephone scams. Often a criminal will disguise themselves as giving you a free gift, trip, or some other promotion. What they are after is a way to get some personal information such as your credit card number. Be very suspicious.

If you suspect that you have been the victim of a scam or a fraud then call your local police service.

Be sure to talk to your agent or broker about your home insurance coverage. Most policies have identity theft coverage available and this could be a claim that you wish to make. Do you know if you have this on your policy? If not, find out and take control of your insurance.