I fell in the shower, can I sue?

Can I sue?

First question is where is this shower located? Is this a shower in your own home? If it is a shower at your own home is it new? If it is new and recently installed you might have a case of faulty installation. You would be suing the contractor for your injury and hopefully have some sort of warranty to get the installation corrected.

Are you an elderly person who has a caregiver? Did your caregiver fail to do what they should have done to keep you safe in the shower? If that person was negligent then yes, you could sue for your resulting injury and possible emotional trauma.

If the shower you fell in is at a hotel or motel then you might have a case for injury if they failed to provide for your safety. You would have to establish that there was some form of negligence. Perhaps there was not a mat provided or a hand railing.

If you were at a friend's house and you fell in the shower then again, yes, you could sue if the condition was not safe. Would you?