Do you drive a cautious vehicle?

What is a cautious vehicle? It's one that is built more for safety and to carry more passengers. You will see this more of a family-mobile then a sport car-type of unit.

Buick Rainier SUV
23% tickets, average age 61, 71% male
Mazda Tribute SUV
26% tickets, average age 36, 29% male
Chevrolet C/K-3500/2500 pickup
26% tickets, average age 40, 86% male
Kia Spectra Sedan
27% tickets, average age 40, 44% male
Buick Lacrosse SUV
32% tickets, average age 65, 50% male
Saturn Aura Hybrid Sedan
37% tickets, average age 59, 14% male
Oldsmobile Silhouette Minivan
37% tickets, average age 41, 50% male
Chevrolet Uplander Minivan
38% tickets, average age 40, 54% male
Hyundai Tucson SUV
38% tickets, average age 47, 40% male
Pontiac Vibe SUV
39% tickets, average age 41, 32% male

It is interesting that these vehicles all have the lowest ticket violations. These people are paying less for their insurance because they have better driving records.

If you are transporting children then likely you are on a budget. Keeping your insurance costs down by driving sensibly is a win-win. The family is safe and your pocketbook is not depleted by paying for speeding tickets and expensive insurance.