Are you a nervous driver?

Nervous drivers are a hazard

What is a hazard in insurance terms? It is something that increase the chance of an accident or loss occurring.

How is a nervous driver a hazard? This is not speculation, there was a study done and according to the journal, "Accident Analysis and Prevention" a highly nervous driver will be more likely to drive dangerously.

The study was not only done with people who have driving phobias but also included people who suffer from high anxiety in general. The group studied was 1,120 people ages 17 to 55 with driving experience ranging from six months to 35 years.

There is a correlation that the more apprehensive you are then the more likely you are to have a car crash. Some of the behaviors that this group tend to use when driving include tailgating, cursing and cutting off other drivers, failing to wear a seatbelt, speeding, weaving and running stop signs. It is interesting to note that when alcohol has been consumed, this driver is pushed to higher levels of anxiety and there increasing the risk of a car crash.

Drive defensively people! Remember, that that nervous driver often will brake unexpectedly and you do not want to have an at fault rear end car crash that will affect your insurance rates.

If you want to help over your nervousness when driving, do consider driving lessons. A good instructor can help you gain the necessary confidence, even if you already have a driver's license. Check it out.